Designer Dupes- Embroidery Sneakers


Hi everyone, So I recently fell in love with these most beautiful Sneakers I have ever seen, however once I did some research and saw how much they actually cost, my love for them soon died.

So weeks passed and  I am still thinking about these beautiful GUCCI sneakers and how much I need them in my life, so I did a little internet shopping and guess what! I found these beauties and now I am obsessed.


This is what I absolutely love bout High Street fashion and the Industry, there is always similarities out there and fashion brands re creating the latest trends for half the price.

So the cheapest ones I have found so far are these ones from Kmart that I am wearing, however I have found a few more since then that are well priced and display the same beautiful embroidered detail.

I  also found some gorgeous ones at H&M and ASOS that are definitely worth checking out too.

Thank you for reading,

Rachel xx


2 thoughts on “Designer Dupes- Embroidery Sneakers

  1. I love that embroidery is coming back in a big way!
    My favourites include embroidered boots and anything denim! Good score finding your dupe xx

    Kez |


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